After passing four decades of providing exceptional services to the clients in the Civil and Construction sector, Omran Azarestan shareholders and top management decided to establish a holding called Azarestan Economic Development Group for a better management and development of the organization towards the strategic targets.

This group consists of four companies;

Omran Azarestan; with precious experience gained over more than thirty years in the field of construction, cooperating with skilled and professional experts and committing to the goals of our customers, we are considered as one of the most reliable and reputable companies in the Iranian construction industry.

With relying on strong management, financial support and added value of the three sister companies; Omran Azarsetan will be leading the path towards the national and international mega construction projects.

Sazvar Sazeh Azarestan; founded in 2010, is a leading manufacturer in the field of pre-engineered steel structure buildings in a land of about 42000 m2 and the production capacity of 3500 ton per month.

Establishing this company has made a great effect on progress of steel structure projects of Azarestan Group.

Rooja Tejarat Azarestan; is a trading company founded in 2010 for importing high-end materials and technologies related to construction industry.

Emaarat Pishgam Azarestan was established in 2019 to focus on construction of luxury residential/office buildings.

In all subsidiaries of Azarestan Economic Development Group, the core values are the same. Our principles have stayed intact throughout all these years and that is Providing superior solutions, products and services to our clients.