Social Responsibilities

Omran Azarestan Believes that any organization should always go beyond the borders of commercial goals and contribute towards social activities which can make the society that we are working a better place to live in. Education, as one of the most important human rights, is what we always emphasis on and constantly try to bring access to education for underprivileged children.

Omran Azarestan is sponsor of child foundation called Bonyad e Koodak, a local charity, looking for the aspiration that no talented student misses the chance of education due to poverty. We also support the institute for research on history of children’s literature in Iran (IRHCLI), an NGO dedicated to children’s literature and culture.

The “Sadr-ol-Vaezein”, a child-oriented library, was built and is under operation by Omran Azarestan. We also participated in establishment of IRANAK childhood museum in Ganjineh Hall of National Library and Archive of Iran. Also in Bushehr, a high school is under construction by Omran Azarestan. These are the examples of charity activities done by Omran Azarestan in order to develop the access to education for young generation of our homeland.