HSE and Quality Policies

Omran Azarestan Co

With a quarter century background in execution and management of industrial and construction projects, enjoying the collaboration of skilled and instructed human resources, Omran Azarestan Construction Co. has had a widespread, efficient presence in contribution to the renovation and excellence of our beloved country, Iran. On its path toward this goal, the company has observed the relative technical, health & safety, quality and environmental principles in compliance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 and project management standards. In order to increase the quality of its services and achieve its developmental goals, the company considers the followings as its first priorities:




  • We are to keep our project clients satisfied and confident.
  • In order to fulfill the requirements of our customers and beneficiaries, we are to provide them with high quality services and try our best to increase their satisfaction.
  • Putting an emphasis on conformity of the quality of our services to the international quality standards, we are to improve our organization up to the level of a creditable, professional design and construction contractor in national and international markets.
  • We are to train our human resources and promote the culture of public participation in order to enhance the quality of our services. 

  • We are to improve our quality management system continuously by inspection, implementation and control of the executive processes and by definition of appropriate quality goals and continued assessment of their effectiveness. 

Quality Policy


  • In order to improve and elevate the quality of the company’s managerial processes, integrated management systems and modern information technologies are brought into operation.

  • The culture of holding a positive vision upon the observance of HSE principles and regulations are promoted.

  • All rules and regulations of health & safety and environmental management systems and all their related requirements are brought into operation.

  • Attempts are made in order to omit or minimize the rate of environmental risks and pollution and unsafe treatments which may cause accidents to happen

  • Protecting the human resources and the environment is of the highest value in our company.




  • The company may enter into new business fields, provided that the business will not impose any drastic hazards upon human health and the environment.

  • All personnel in any levels have practical commitment to the environmental health and safety principles and consider it as a duty to observe them.

  • In order to maintain and enhance the level of the health & safety and environmental conditions of the work space, training practices are designed and implemented for all staff and contractors and they are provided with any relatively required resources.

  • The rate of casualties and financial and environmental damages are to be kept at minimum.

  • Health & safety and environmental plans hold the first priority in our decision making process.