Building is not always about constructing high sky scrapers. A classroom creates people who can build up a country.

Omran Azarestan Construction Company is committed to provide the best possible assistance in promoting the educational spaces of the deprived areas of our country in addition of all its development activities. Hope for a day when no child would have been blessed by the benefit of learning and educational equipment.

By the Halil news and analytical site report, according to Jiroft's Ministry of education director more than 90% of schools in the Sarduiyeh district need reconstruction.

He stated that the lack of landscaping, bathrooms, restrooms, water shortages and other facilities required special attention to the educational spaces in this area.

Since Omran Azarestan Company has construction project of the medical centers in the deprived areas of Kerman province and also has been closely monitoring the lack of schools and educational facilities, in order to help and resolve a part of these problems, a number of conexes have been donated to this districts.

The school conex or classroom conex has been designed to create schools in deprived areas of the country or to create a classroom in nomadic and rural areas. These canteens are in the different sizes and classes. They have a two-layer structure, which uses heat and sound insulation between these two layers. Other feature of these conexes is that can be easily transported, especially in the areas that are difficult to pass.

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